Aerial Photography

Get higher returns on your marketing investments by making your listings stand out from your competitors.

Aerial photography allows us to capture photos from angles and viewpoints that would be impossible to achieve with a conventional camera setup. Our advanced drones and technology enable us to place cameras high in the sky for breathtaking landscape images, capture the complete scene, and shift your viewpoint. We have years of expertise in aerial photography and drone services; our staff works diligently and guarantees you obtain excellent drone photography products to meet your unique demands.

GD Drone Service offers real estate and housing development agencies professional aerial drone photography services ranging from visually appealing drone marketing photographs to large-scale panoramic murals and other drone photography projects.

GD Drone delivers the highest quality drone art photography with meticulous attention to detail. We specialize in real estate photography and offer the highest quality drone photography with detailed attention to the quality of your photographs.

We take your ideas and turn them into professional-grade, attractive real estate marketing material using our creativity, experience, and skills. We also offer drone photography services at dusk and night.

We offer aerial drone photography at high and low altitudes to capture your property’s location, local amenities, and notable features. To deliver attractive marketing photographs, we pay close attention to optimal composition, light, and camera settings and efficiently color grade and touch up the photos. We specialize in night drone photography, including panorama and twilight, and offer premium photography services to our real estate and construction clients throughout the project.

Agriculture-Crop Management/Farm Management

We pride ourselves in offering the most premium aerial drone, mapping, and thermal imagery services for the agriculture-crop management business. Our professional and experienced crew provides the best fast-paced, dynamic tracking drone video shoots for your agriculture sites. This allows the workers to safely conduct complex maneuvers while the camera operator can frame the scene precisely and maintain optimal camera settings.

Trials & Planning.

Use Cases:

  • Surface Runoff
  • Product Performance Assessment
  • Trial Plot Planning
  • Purchasing Decisions
  • Plan Drainage & Irrigation
  • Build Customer Relationships

Early Season Analysis.

Use Cases:

  • Stand Count & Emergence
  • Variable Rate Prescriptions
  • Product Evaluation
  • Yield Projections
  • Disease/pest/weed Detection & Management

In Season & Harvest

Use Cases:

  • Identify Equipment Issues
  • Insurance Claims
  • Weather Damage Assessment
  • Diels Appraisal with Tree Counting
  • Lodging
  • Stockpile Management
  • Dry Down

Construction Updates

Aerial imaging of construction sites is a time-saving, cost-effective tool that enables contractors and land developers to efficiently succeed in all stages of the construction process, from planning to completion, while staying within budget, ensuring to be on time, and providing accurate information to stakeholders. Our aerial photography and video services will capture every perspective of your construction site, whether it’s a commercial real estate project, industrial refinery, or residential housing construction. We incorporate several technologies that may be utilized for the following:

Pre-Bid & Pre-Construction.

Use Cases:

  • Concept & Design
  • Site Planning
  • Procurement


Use Cases:

  • Stockpile Measurements
  • Track Site Progress
  • Site Planning
  • Safety Planning
  • Economic & Logistics Planning
  • Transportation Planning and more.

GD Drone Service is committed to offering a full suite of expert construction drone and UAV services customized according to your distinct requirements. Our professional drone services, including 3D imaging, include,

Inspection & Closeout

Use Cases:

  • Inspections
  • Building
  • Documentation
  • 3D As-builts
  • Marketing Collateral (video, panorama, photos)
  • Liability
  • Warranty fulfillment
  • Windmill & Solar Panel
  • FLIR Thermal Imagery

Search & Rescue/Disaster Response

Drones using thermal imaging sensors can cover huge regions considerably faster than ground workers. Our experts specialize in FLIR thermal drone systems that can be deployed in minutes for SAR operations.

The most time-consuming and challenging part of a search and rescue/disaster response program is locating wounded and distressed people and organizing ground team responses for those people. At GD Drone Service, our drones are swiftly deployed at any location and offer mission-critical intelligence from their airborne vantage point. We locate and identify those in trouble and communicate to the ground team.

Whether it is a disastrous earthquake, missing hiker, or boater in stress, we have the aerial drone to promptly and efficiently search large areas while delivering high-quality video and thermal images.

Our drones quickly search large areas, identify a person in trouble using thermal signatures, check their status and surroundings using high-definition video, contact immediately to the ground team about the victim’s location, and offer critical information to the ground resource assets trying to reach victims. We provide immediate snapshots of wide areas, equipment, people, and drivers, including kayakers, bikers, truckers, and so forth. Learn more about our search and rescue/disaster response services by contacting us.